Keeping your children safe

Everyone involved in Royal Rangers is responsible for the safeguarding of your children and young people.

All our staff carry a responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people, even if we don't have the title of safeguarding/responsible officer.

All of our outposts operate under the authority of the local church and although they will be covered by the policy of that church or denomination, we still have in place our own training, policies and procedures to adhere to.

This is largely due to the differences in policies from church to church or nation to nation. This way when we all meet together on camps or trips, we all have the same guideline's to adhere to.

Royal Rangers comply with current legislation and government expectations with regards to safeguarding. If abuse is disclosed, witnessed or suspected, it needs to be disclosed to the statutory authorities (social services or the police). However you should discuss this with the designated safeguarding/responsible officer, either at your local outpost, church or denomination.