Ages 14-16

What can I expect as an expedition Ranger?

Leading up to this age, Expedition Rangers will have gained so many important skills based around scouting and adventure. However, resilience, responsibility, and a selfless attitude will now help them as they concentrate on what life has in store for them. Similar to setting out on an expedition, what they take with them is important; their hopes for what they want in life and a strong relationship with Jesus, will be great assets as they move forward into their future, being ‘Ready’ for anything.

As Royal Rangers we encourage each Expedition Ranger to concentrate on mentoring and at times leading certain activities for younger Rangers. Along with more adventures, Expedition Rangers will have chance to challenge themselves and take on The Junior Leadership Training camp (J.L.T.C).

What does a young person gain from getting involved?

1. It builds their self esteem.
2. It improves social skills.
3. It encourage's a young person to work within a team.
4. They have an opportunity to learn about God in a different environment, very often in the outdoors.

All meetings are age appropriate and provide a perfect mix of fun and accomplishment. As Rangers progress through the the merit system process they receive recognition for their growth.

“My daughter has been attending Royal Rangers for over 18 months now. She thoroughly looks forward to meeting up with her friends and is keen to learn of the new activities each week. Art and crafts are her favourite. The group games are so much fun and the devotion provides them with valuable time to be still and learn about God. My daughter has gained in so many areas, especially with her self confidence. Parent interaction at the end of each term is truly welcomed and very much enjoyed too.”

A Royal Ranger parent

What is our curriculum at Royal Rangers?

There are four main areas that our curriculum covers. This underpins the four Gold points of the emblem.


This along with the adventures that come with it gives young people and adults a common interest away from every day life. It helps in so many ways to develop a person to be resilient and confident, this nicely ties into another of our four areas which we cover in the curriculum.


Across all opportunities that are offered in Royal Rangers, every individual has the opportunity to learn through play and learn to develop their skills.


Having fun with others is a key and rewarding part of being involved with Royal Rangers. Developing friendships with other outposts and with friends worldwide that last a life time. This has been a special part of belonging to Royal Rangers for many young people over the years.


The main focus throughout all of this is spiritual. Royal Rangers doesn't just give an opportunity for an individual to learn skills and have fun in a Christian based programme but soon enough can become involved and a part of the local church.

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