Information for parents

Why choose Rangers?

Personal development in Royal Rangers comes from hands-on fun, adventure in the outdoors, whilst making new friends! Young people learn by hearing, seeing, doing, and when appropriate, helping and eventually teaching others.

Our vision in Royal Rangers is to help children learn by doing fun activities, trying new hobbies and developing valuable life skills.

These skills help a child to understand more about themselves, and builds their self-confidence and ability to assess practical situations, helping them overtime to grow in all areas of their social, personal and spiritual lives.

What does a young person gain from getting involved?

1. It builds their self esteem.
2. It improves social skills.
3. It encourage's a young person to work within a team.
4. They have an opportunity to learn about God in a different environment, very often in the outdoors.

All meetings are age appropriate and provide a perfect mix of fun and accomplishment. As Rangers progress through the the merit system process they receive recognition for their growth.

“My daughter has been attending Royal Rangers for over 18 months now. She thoroughly looks forward to meeting up with her friends and is keen to learn of the new activities each week. Art and crafts are her favourite. The group games are so much fun and the devotion provides them with valuable time to be still and learn about God. My daughter has gained in so many areas, especially with her self confidence. Parent interaction at the end of each term is truly welcomed and very much enjoy too.”

A Royal Rangers parent

Who would be interested in attending Royal Rangers?

Royal Rangers offers a programme for children ages 5-17.

All meetings are age appropriate and provide a perfect mix of fun and accomplishment.

Although you may have Pioneer Rangers in the same room as Expedition Rangers, all Rangers are taught that the big look after the small, in any situation.

As Rangers progress through the merit system they receive recognition for their achievements. They will be encouraged to mentor younger Rangers teaching them the skills that they have learnt, before becoming Junior leaders.

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