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Royal Rangers is a Christian, uniformed, practical based programme involving scouting type activities and adventure in the outdoors.

There are more than 200,000 Royal Rangers in over 90 nations around the world, 35 of which are in Europe. We offer programmes for children aged 5-17 and provide the perfect mix of fun and accomplishment.

Our vision in Royal Rangers UK is to help children learn by doing fun activities, trying new hobbies and developing valuable life skills. These skills help a child to understand more about themselves, and builds their self-confidence and ability to assess practical situations, helping them overtime to grow in all areas of their social, personal and spiritual lives.

For children

Discover the outdoors, learn how to shoot arrows, read maps, cook over a fire, and so much more - with your friends and your local church family.

For churches

Royal Rangers is an activity-based programme that can play a vital role within the church, as it aims to create a selfless, fun and a rewarding culture for children and young people.

For parents

Every child in Royal Rangers has the opportunity to improve their social skills and build self confidence as they take on new hobbies, with friends, within a church-based organisation.

For leaders

Are you 18 or over? Start the adventure by getting in touch today. Help us evangelise, equip and empower the next generation.

Safeguarding at Royal Rangers

As an organisation we aim to make Royal Rangers a safe place for all children and young people, whether they are in an outpost meeting or on a foreign camp.

All leaders must attend a child protection and safeguarding course every other year. This is often run alongside other relevant training. It equips the leaders and ensures a safe environment for all involved.


Discover our different programmes

Pioneer Rangers (ages 5-7)

At this age we understand that they have an abundance of energy. Whilst trying to harness this as well as supporting it, we aim to help every Pioneer Ranger discover their own individual identity, as they are encouraged to be creative whether they are indoors making crafts and homes for mini beasts or learning and playing in the outdoors. Find out more

Discovery Rangers (ages 8-10)

At this age, skills are developed as energy begins to subside. Taking advantage of this we help them concentrate on key skills i.e knots, basic fire craft and even have the chance to learn some basic tool craft. Find out more

Adventure Rangers (ages 11-13)

Adventure Rangers have more opportunities as they naturally mature and build on their skills that they have learnt. Along with having the chance to do more adventurous activities like archery and learn how to use a map and compass, Royal Rangers learn to construct shelters, benches and are taught to cook over a fire. Find out more

Expedition Rangers (ages 14-16)

Leading up to this age, Expedition Rangers will have gained so many important skills based around scouting and adventure. However, resilience, responsibility, and a selfless attitude will now help them as they concentrate on what life has in store for them. Similar to setting out on an expedition, what they take with them is important; their hopes for what they want in life and a strong relationship with Jesus, will be great assets as they move forward into their future, being ‘Ready’ for anything. Find out more

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