Information for church leaders

Why choose Rangers?

Royal Rangers is an activity-based program that can play a vital role within the church, as it aims to create a selfless, fun and a rewarding culture for children and young people.

Primarily based around the growth of children and young people by meeting regularly, and learning more of who God is and adding adventure where possible; this brings out a passion for all involved.

Our mission is to evangelise, equip and empower the next generation. A ministry like Royal Rangers can be a great platform, to serve as a useful tool to equip the church, to disciple each individual from an early age.

At times, children’s work can be overseen by gifted people, who can feel as though it is a burden. However leaders within Royal Rangers are, more often than not, just as enthusiastic as the children.

We are all children of God and are constantly learning and developing in our faith. What we reap is what we sow. Lets enjoy and be passionate about our ministry!

Why do church leaders around the world choose Royal Rangers?

1. It creates an opportunity for young people to learn new hobbies and build friendships within the church.

2. It is adaptable depending on the location of the church, to be affordable for the church, a family and every individual.

3. It attracts those from outside of the church and their parents, regardless of church size or resources.

4. It is a global ministry which is active in over 90 nations, 35 of which are in Europe. We are one big family.

Royal Rangers Scripture

“Having a Rangers outpost in our church has not only increased our reach into our community but also enabled us to connect with a number of young people and parents we might not have otherwise been able to.”

Rev Richard Vernon, Lead Pastor, Lakeside Church Southport

Who would be interested in attending Royal Rangers?

Royal Rangers offers a programme for children ages 5-17.

All meetings are age appropriate and provide a perfect mix of fun and accomplishment.

Although you may have Pioneer Rangers in the same room as Expedition Rangers, all Rangers are taught that the big look after the small, in any situation.

As Rangers progress through the merit system they receive recognition for their achievements. They will be encouraged to mentor younger Rangers teaching them the skills that they have learnt, before becoming Junior leaders.

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